Jul 23 2008

Zazzle Falls to GOP Logo Threats from the RNC

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Here we go again folks- the RNC got nowhere with threatening Cafepress with a cease and desist order on the GOP Logo and Red White and Blue stylized elephant, so now it’s onto the competitor, Zazzle. Sadly it appears that Zazzle has crunched under pressure as Zazzler’s are getting this email from the company on the current GOP Tees in the Zazzle galleries.

“Dear Zazzler,

It has come to our attention that the elephant logo of the Republican
National Committee is a registered trademark, registration number
1908397. The Republican National Committee has been actively
policing their mark and therefore we will be unable to create any
products bearing the logo of the Republican National Committee.

Thanks for using Zazzle!

We will be removing this product from the Zazzle galleries shortly”

The best comment I have heard on this matter comes from fellow blogger: Irregular Times

Thanks for standing up to the Republican censors, CafePress. And Zazzle, how very very asskissy you look in comparison. Say it with me: “Zazzle, asskissy. Zazzle, asskissy.” It kind of rolls off the tongue, I think.

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