May 16 2008

Cafepress New InfiniStich™ Embroidery Apparel Controversy

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With the very recent launch of Cafepress InfiniStich™ Embroidery apparel, comes many opposing views on this newest technology (which by the way is patent pending) so as much as Cafepress may want to further explain to the shopkeepers oviously their hands are somewhat tied.

Lat night’s CP chat was all about this new product line and the CP staff did their best to try and explain it all- An excerpt from the chat:

[2008.05.15 18:14:36] RyanCP: It does as some of you pointed out have it’s limitations, the main one being that you can’t embroider in any shape you want. Each product has a predetermined print area, for most products this is a circle, for the hat we sent out it is a rectangle. We maintained the same aspect ratio of buttons and lapel stickers for all of the circles, as InfiniStitch products are full bleed.
[2008.05.15 18:14:40] RyanCP: For the Military Cap we used the rectangular sticker aspect ratio. The concept was to allow everyone to cut over images that comply with the best practices outlined in the tutorial.
[2008.05.15 18:15:00] RyanCP: The hats are embroidered with traditional embroidery thread and dyed like traditional embroidery thread, so you can count on great durability when washing
[2008.05.15 18:15:00] jean / rotemgear: does Ryan’s marketing hat have embroidery on it?
[2008.05.15 18:15:17] RyanCP: Like the name alludes to InfiniStitch allows for infinite colors, so you are not limited by the number of thread bobbins in a machine. Having infinite colors allows for complex designs, images not usually available for embroidery, so we are also really excited about this portion of the technology. Again, the threads are dyed just like traditional embroidery threads.
[2008.05.15 18:15:20] RyanCP: The threads are also stitched to the cap just like any embroidered item you will find at a store.
[2008.05.15 18:24:15] RyanCP: It’s a matter of personal preference, but we obviously don’t think so — we did launch this technology and spend a good deal of time working on it. In our focus groups 9 out of 10 people thought it was “embroidery”, and the 10th person was confused as to exactly what it was, but still liked it.

You can read the entire chat at CafeChatter

What is it they say? You can please All of the people Some of the time,  and Some of the people All of the time  But you cannot please All of the people all of the time.

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