Aug 05 2008

Keds Studio – New Custom Shoe Program Launched by Keds Shoes and Zazzle POD

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Just when you think you can have it all- a new opportunity comes along- Custom sneakers By Keds and created in Zazzle’s own Keds Studio! Customers and gallery owners can create custom Keds sneakers in women’s adult and children’s sizes – both lace up shoes and slip on Keds. Gallery owners are buzzing and customers delighted.

Choose Bright Rainbow Custom Keds Shoes

Choose Bright Rainbow Custom Keds Shoes

According to Business Wire:

The Keds Studio program, built and powered by Zazzle, offers consumers the unique ability to create original Keds designs by uploading their own artwork, graphics and text, onto the shoes instantly — a first for the footwear industry. In addition consumers are able to choose from a wide selection of colors and even unique, pre-made designs, many of which are designed by such artists as Sarah Singh and Gen Art artists, among others. The customized shoes are produced within 24 to 48 hours, and will be received by consumers within one to two weeks, depending upon the shipping method selected.

In addition, Zazzles platform will enable Keds Studio consumers now turned designers, as well as professional and amateur designers to sell their unique designs in the Zazzle marketplace. Zazzles Name Your Royalty system enables these consumers to set the price of their shoe designs above the original price and earn the entire mark-up in profit.

Or a Custom Keds Tomato Shoe

Or a Custom Keds Tomato Shoe

At launch, Keds Studio will offer five styles of Keds Champions for women and kids that are fully customizable. Styles include lace-ups, slip-ons and mini slip-ons ranging from $50 to $60.

Or Create your Own Keds Shoe Masterpiece.

Read the Business Wire story including the story on how Sneakers got their name.

Many Galleries will allow their customers to make changes of background colors for literally every part of the shoe right down to the laces, grommets and stitching!

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