May 14 2009

Tulsa Tees

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Tulsa Tees is not just for Okies – and I say that with a smile on my face. They have quite the unique sense of humor when it comes to great funny shirts – One of my favorites is Tulsa Tees Have an Emotive Day

Have an Emotive Day byTulsa Tees

Have an Emotive Day byTulsa Tees

Tulsa Tees is certainly not limited to humorous designs,  they have a great Global warming /Environmental section as well and  we found our favorite – a parody of the old anti-drugs commercial; this is your brain- this is your brain on drugs

Very clever and timely..

Cool Global Warming design

Cool Global Warming design

Visit Tulsa Tees for a variety of great t-shirt designs  including the ever popular Tulsa Oklahoma designs they are known for.

With t-shirt sayings  based on global warming, gamers,politics , humor, and other topics, there is something for everyone here.  Finally, Tulsa Tees is not just for t-shirts.  These same great sayings can be found on coffee mugs, greeting cards, and many other useful products.  So take some time to visit Tulsa Tees shop at Cafepress.

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